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What Can Marketers Learn from the iOS 10 Release?

Today, September 13th, is a big day if you're an Apple fan. Just 6 days after the annual Apple Keynote Event, where the iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, and the controversial (wireless) AirPods were announced, the new iOS 10 is available to Apple fan-boys and fan-girls everywhere.

Apple is one of the most loved, and hated, companies by tech junkies. Regardless of where you side on the ongoing iPhone Vs. Android software debate, there are several lessons marketers and advertisers can learn from the iOS 10 release.

1) Consumers Love Familiarity, But Welcome the New

While it's up to debate as to who launched the first smartphone to the masses, Apple catapulted smartphones in the hands of the regular Joe almost ten years ago with the release of the original iPhone on June 29, 2007.

Not including the upcoming iPhone 7,Apple has sold over 821,8 million iPhonesover 821,8 million iPhones since their release.

There have been numerous ups and downs since the release, but overall, Apple has been the biggest name in the personal electronic industry for almost ten years.

What's the takeaway? Familiarity (consistent, quality products or services)= continued, happy customers= sustainable revenue for your company

2) Defining your Competitive Advantage

Here's some marketing 101 for you. What's the one thing that your company does (or doesn't do) that is your biggest selling point to your clientele?

As we've seen with the release of iOS 10 today, Apple has continued to expand on their competitive advantage over other competitors.

So, What's Apple's Competitive Advantage?

Having a product with easy-to-use operating system that works (most of the time) effortlessly across all devices. iOS 10 delivers an improvement on what consumers are looking for the most: More effective communication with others (enhanced iMessage abilities), integration with other apps and services, and new maps that will give Google Maps a run for their money.

3) A Loyal Following= Free Advertising

In 2016 for advertisers, the primary platforms we use are mostly digital: SEO, SEM, PPC, beautiful websites, etc. But an important statistic to not forget about is that 74% of consumers identity word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision.

As of September 13th, #iOS10 is the most popular trend on Twitter. with 205,000 posts (and counting.) While there are obviously going to be some android-loving, iOS-hating haters in the mix there, let's not forget the age-old saying of:

"Any Press is Good Press."

4) Without Great Marketing, a Product is Just a Product

The reason that a new iOS is such a large cultural event is because of the powerful, effective marketing that Apple strategically does, as well as their nearing 1,000,000,000 iPhones in existence.

There's a reason why this iOS release is the topic of the day, and that when a new Android update comes out, no one really cares (sorry Android-ers)