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4 SEO Benefits of Using Videos on your Website

Better Messaging

Videos are a powerful medium to talk directly and effectively to visitors on your website. People spend more time on a site that has a video and prefer video over having to read a bunch of text.

No Expiration Date

Unlike most digital marketing techniques that have a short shelf-life, such as blog posts, PPC campaigns, and social media, videos are one of the most cost effective marketing tools because of their ability for years to come.

Convert Visitors Into Customers

The human brain requires emotional input to make decisions. Video is a highly persuasive type of content because of its ability to express emotion, body language, and facial expressions to visitors.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Engagement and time-on-site are huge ranking signals to search engines… and nothing boosts engagement like video content. A recent study discovered that websites with a video are 53x more likely to appear on the first page of Google.