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Websites are one of the most powerful tools that a business of any size can invest in. There are numerous benefits of having a website: Inform customers of your products or services, sell products through an eCommerce site, develop a professional reputation, attract new customers through a Google search, and much more.

Mix District Media | Salt Lake City, Utah Web Design ServicesAs technology becomes more prevalent in our lives in the 21st century, websites are becoming more complex, complicated, and competitive. It's important to have a web designer who understands the competitive landscape we're in and how to use the best web design practices that will guarantee your website is an investment that yields leads and sales- not just another expense.

Mix District Media, a provider of web design services in Salt Lake City, Utah, have provided this list of the best web design practices in 2016.

The Best Web Design Practices in 2016

In order for a website to be successful, it depends on how its built from the ground-up. Your web guru at Mix District Media makes your website 100% custom, built for your business needs. Hiring a web developer in Salt Lake City who knows the best practices in the industry is a great investment for your business' longevity, health, and profitability.

Responsive/ Mobile-First Design

Did you know that mobile traffic (websites viewed on a cell phone) have increased by 800% within the last 5 years, accounting for 56% of total internet traffic in the United States in 2016?

Responsive web design is building a website that will work seamlessly across all devices; desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This is good for your business because, no matter what device your web visitors are on, they'll all have a great, functional, and fast experience while learning about your company or buying your product.

Google, as of 2015, started favoring websites that practice responsive designs in their search results. For example, if you search for "Web Design Services in Utah", they would present Mix District Media's website higher in the search results because it works well on your iPhone.

Engaging Web Design and Layout (UX)

You'll often hear about "UX", or User Experience, when Web Design is discussed among both coders and marketers. A website can be coded with 100% accuracy and have flawless functionality "under the hood", but if it's not aesthetically pleasing to the viewer on the other end, they'll most likely exit your website with out calling you or purchasing your product.

Mix District Media's approach to UX is simple: Web developers and graphic designers should work harmoniously to create a website that is not only functional and geared towards conversion, but also engage customers with your website with an easy-to-use navigation. If you think about your favorite website, there's a reason why it's your favorite: It's designed to keep you interested with their content and provides you will a great amount of value.

Clean, Simple, and Error-Free Navigation

A website should be intuitive to navigate and easy to move from one page to another, without getting more than a click away from the homepage. Without a clean navigation, a web design is just a cool page with no connectivity to the rest of your message.

Navigation should act as a road map of sorts; driving visitors through a funnel to inform and concert. One of of the easiest navigation snippets a web designer can implement is the use of "breadcrumbs", which is particularity important if you're an eCommerce website. This is a secondary navigation element that shows a user where he or she is at on your website, as a snapshot on the website.

For example, it could be "Mix District Media" > "Services" > "Web Design".

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