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"Strong brands enable businesses to generate a sales volume and price premium that improves revenues and margins, attract and retain the best employees and facilitate expansion into new products and markets.” MillwardBrown.com Everybody these days wants to make more money and to do that you’ve got to increase your brand value. BrandBurst wants to give you 3 ways you can do this.
Consumers are surrounded by brands every day, but how does a company strategically place themselves to stand out in a memorable way?
Like any highly competitive business, real estate agents need to intentionally shape their personal brand to help boost confidence in customers and keep themselves at the top of the housing market.
Creating a brand identity takes work and focus but is an essential tool for any business, whether large or small. Here are a few branding questions to ask your client in order to help them create a successful brand identity.
This past week we've been setting up social media profiles for one of our clients and came across some image difficulties. We found that the image dimensions are different on each site. You almost have to design several different size variations of each image you want to use. We thought to ourselves "if we're having this problem, others are having them too." Every brand should have a presense on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube. You should keep your images consistent across like all sites, just like your brand messaging.