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"Strong brands enable businesses to generate a sales volume and price premium that improves revenues and margins, attract and retain the best employees and facilitate expansion into new products and markets.” MillwardBrown.com Everybody these days wants to make more money and to do that you’ve got to increase your brand value. BrandBurst wants to give you 3 ways you can do this.
Consumers are surrounded by brands every day, but how does a company strategically place themselves to stand out in a memorable way?
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Presidential candidates put a lot on the line when they release their campaign logos; a logo serves as a packaged, visual representation for use on bumper stickers, commercials, podiums, flyers, and more. Perceptions are made about a candidate based merely on his logo, and the ideas a logo communicates can carry strong repercussions. That is why political figures invest heavily in their marketing materials and hire designers to create a convincing logo, which is why we are surprised about the mediocre typographical choices on Jeb Bush’s most recent campaign logo.
Here is a quick guide to 5 great blogs and 5 helpful books, including books for beginning typographers/designers.