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What makes a good logo? A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. There are five principles that you should follow to ensure that this is so… An effective logo is (in no particular order): Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile, Appropriate
As consumers increasingly look to each other for inspiration and guidance – through the likes of social media, blogs, vlogs and reviews – brands also need to become more communicative, hands-on and human, with their own distinct personality.
"Why brands fail with social media is because they are trying to advertise to people who don't care because they don't care about them. You need to give something back and engage and grow and listen with your audience.
When launching a new brand, companies tend to focus on the brand and its benefits, rather than the new category. Chobani could have focused exclusively on the fact that its yogurt is creamier and tastier than its competitors. (The mistake that Fage made.)
Colbert zeroes in on the A.P.C. Kanye Collection plain white t-shirt that retailed for $120 (it's already sold out). What makes it worth that? Branding! It was marketed, apparently unironically, as the "Hip Hop T-Shirt"